5 November 2019 - 2 weeks to go - Dreamforce top tips

Some weeks ago I was approached by Christine Marshall asking for some top tips for a blog she was writing for newbies attending their first Dreamforce. Happy to oblige I set to work and sent her a list that popped off the top of my head. A very grateful Christine responded to say thanks and that she would use just one or two of my tips as she had a scoop from others too. With all the other tips looking a bit unloved I've decided to share the rest with you and with exactly 2 weeks to go before the 2019 event kicks off, here goes:

Dreamforce is when 170,000 of your closest family and friends come together for days of learning, networking and fun, all wearing blue lanyards and matching backpacks and heading off on their trails for learning and networking. It’s truly a sight to see.  But do not fear, you’ve got this, with just a little bit of planning you can own your Dreamforce adventure. 
Here's some tips that I've put together from my experiences of Dreamforce.  You cannot do e…

13 October 2019 - How not to screw up your next Salesforce project

As part of one of my talks at Inspire East I was asked to host a panel in the afternoon, titled: How not to screw up your next Salesforce project. I was joined by 4 other people; a great representation from the ecosystem to participate on the panel and together I think we had around 40 years of Salesforce experience between us. Seriously, we should write a book...

When I was asked to host the panel I first put together questions that we could work through, then ran them past my panelists for their input. I'm going to share with you the questions we came up with and some of the keys outputs from the conversation they generated. 

1. What is considered a project?
Funnily enough, I hadn't thought of this for a starter question. Having worked in a project environment for many years my mindset is already switched onto this way of working. But, for our audience, this could be new to them. So, let's start here. 

A project is a defined package of work that has been identified to be com…

5 October 2019 - An inspiring conference - Inspire East

Yesterday saw the return of Inspire East, a conference based in Cambridge targeting a Salesforce audience from the eastern region of the UK, who don't usually get the opportunity to travel into London for events. Its a cosier event, compared to some other offerings, but this more select audience does make the day feel more intimate and the speakers more approachable to attendees.

Hosted in an amazing learning environment, the Moller Centre, how could we not come away inspired from a cracking line up of speakers, some whom had traveled from all over the world for this event. 

We cannot forget a nod to the sponsors, without whom these events cannot happen. It is only through their support that we can come together to share, learn and network.

The day kicked off with an opening keynote from Stephanie Herrera, Computer Futures VP and Salesforce MVP. She had been known to me for some time, I had seen her Trailblazer Video that gave a quick summary of her story but Stephanie's keynote …

31 August 2019 - Managing change for enhancement requests


9 August 2019 - From Accidental Admin to CTO - My Journey

As a kid at school I would get regular reports and I remember one that said “Amanda is a lovely girl, loves to chat”. My dad read this and thought, well that’s nice, my daughter is stupid. My father aspired for me to be a Secretary when I grew up and then adjusted this to be a Bilingual Secretary when he realised I had a flair for languages. 

As for me, I didn’t really have a ‘calling’. I did well in my GCSE’s so did my A Levels. I got the results from them which meant I could go to University, the first in my family to do so. I studied Business as I thought I would be more useful for a career. 
Fast forward many years and I entered into the job market and had a few roles in Sales, Marketing and PR. Don’t get me wrong, I was good at these roles but I just got a bit tired of the forever shifting values on targets. It was time for a career change. 
I moved into a Business Development role to help build a team and processes when my Director said we needed a CRM. A what? I Googled and found …