30 March 2020 - London's Calling

Ten days ago we delivered the 5th edition of London's Calling, a Salesforce Community Conference. I'm normally quicker to release post event write-ups but this year's took its toll on me, on all of us. 

As organisers we came back together last August to start planning the 2020 event. It was to be our 5th year and we needed to show some maturity in how we went about delivering. We started by looking at ourselves, how we worked as a team together and this helped to define an Organiser's Charter. The purpose of the Charter was to outline how we engaged with each other in terms of respect, communication, and time and how we would deliver the end product. We all signed up to the Charter. 

The next big milestone was venue. 4 years with Skills Matter had been a firm base to develop the event but we had now outgrown them. We needed extra capacity for attendees, and even with the threat of Brexit and impending doom on the UK economy (remember those heady days) we took a punt and …

5 February 2020 - In Memory of Laura Walker

I first met Laura in November 2012 where we worked together at a Salesforce consultancy, she a Consultant and me a Project Manager. We had both discovered Salesforce as Accidental Admins at previous end user roles and chosen to move into consultancy to develop our skills. I soon ended up on the same project as her, working on a Financial Services client and over the course of the project this colleague became my friend.  We both eventually moved on into other roles, consultancy, end user and contracting. Laura worked again with me for a short contracting stint in the back end of 2016. 
Laura was your classic Awesome Admin. She wore many hats to help an implementation across the line but her most favoured hat was that of a Business Analyst, and she was good at it too. Her feet were firmly planted in both camps. She spoke ‘business’ while translating their needs into technical requirements, having good knowledge of the Salesforce platform (including multiple certifications and reaching qu…

26 January 2020 - I’m going through the change with Prosci ADKAR

I’ve been reading a book about change management by Prosci and they use a term called ADKAR to define the different stages of change.
A = Awareness D = Desire K = Knowledge A = Ability R = Reinforcement
ADKAR can be used for both organisational and individual change management, it’s just the scale that is different.

January is a time of year that many of us consider New Year resolutions, and many can often be health related, to help us work off the excesses we piled on over the Christmas period.
While it wasn't not a personal resolution, I was conscious of my over cake consumption and felt the need to do something about it. I’m going to use Prosci ADKAR to explain how I could manage this individual change.
Awareness is the first element. Like all over indulgence being aware of the problem is the first step. I was aware that my shape had changed over the months and agreed, if I didn’t alter my behaviour, then it would continue to be a problem. If I acted upon this change then I was aware of…

4 January 2020 - Review of the year 2019

Welcome to the new year, a new decade but before I get into all that, I'd like to take a moment to reflect back over the past year, 2019 and how's it been for me.

Last New Year's Eve I shared my celebrations Gemma Blezard and, while I confess there was alcohol involved, I did agree to join the Ladies Be Architects movement and help them with process and general organisation.  Together in January we delivered a LBA Solution Design workshop for the London Admins Community Group. LBA Solution Design Workshop

In June, as part of the LBA, we were asked to be Keynote speakers for the inaugural Yeur Dreamin' conference in Amsterdam. The four of us joined together to create a talk about identifying and realising your goals to a mixed ability audience of 350 Trailblazers. It was certainly a special moment for us all to be asked and deliver a presentation of this kind.

It was soon after that I had to weigh up my extra curricular commitments. I was moving into a higher leadership ro…

31 December 2019 - Dreamforce - Going deeper into the content

In the third of this mini series from Dreamforce 2019 I look deeper into some of the talks I was lucky to attend. The first 2 were presentations from Monday's Innovation Tour, while the other 2 were fireside chats with Benioff. I have put these 4 together as they all resonated with me and as I listened to each one I furiously took notes and came away with some gems that I want to take forward with me into my own work. 

The first talk was from Matt Egol, Partner, Digital Strategy and Innovation for PwC. While his slide deck was a small assault against my eyes and his delivery a touch under powered, especially to a jet-lagged audience, his content was really interesting. PwC is suggesting to move away from traditional metrics of ROI and Net Promoter Scores and for businesses to now measure a consumer-centred metric; 'Return On Experience' (ROX). 

Essentially the gist is this; as a leadership you need to capture insights into what your customer wants. You then develop a vision …

29 December 2019 - Dreamforce - The sessions

So, what does a person like me choose to attend at Dreamforce? Well, I’ll share you the ones I made a beeline for. As I've mentioned before there are thousands of different sessions that delegates can choose from. You might start wondering how do you even start to tackle that number in order to make your own agenda?

To make sense of the numbers start by thinking about what subject areas are of interest to you, whether it be investigation for a project you're about to start or an area for personal development. 

Here's my personal agenda for the week. There is the agenda builder that Salesforce also supplies and I use that too in order to bookmark and fix my place at particular sessions but the trusty spreadsheet will also detail my personal time commitments. Once completed I print it out and take everywhere with me. I then add to it during the week of the event with items that I want to catch. These could be fun elements such as a reminder where to go to grab some swag or a p…