1 January 2017 - Lets give Trailhead a proper go

Happy New Year folks. I'm giving this a go. Writing a bit about my life, as it happens. I may look back on this and wonder what am I doing, and if anyone will find it remotely interesting, or maybe the contents might get me sued. Here goes. Start gently...

I've actually been spending the Xmas break playing with Trailhead. I had been a bit of a laggard on the whole experience but I've actually chomped my way through some badges and have caught some symptoms of gamification bug. I'm now an Adventurer and heading towards Mountaineer rank. 

I did promise myself that I would start thinking about my London's Calling talk over the Xmas holidays and so far I have thought about the fact that I really should starting thinking about it. Its not really progressed very far. I need some inspiration. Ooh look, Trailhead. I'll just do another badge. 


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