10 February 2017 - London's Calling

London's Calling! Its the second year of this event. I spoke at last years in the big room and totally loved it. I got the same room again this year, just wish the stage was larger as I do like to walk around a bit (dizzy the audience). I always get nervous before I talk, thats OK. It shows that its important to me and its the adrenaline kicking in. Its usually just minutes before I start and I have the microphone in my hand that I start singing "I'm gonna rock the mic" (confession), and pace the stage to get the feel of the space. And them I'm off. It begins. 

You learn to pause and breathe, let the works flow. I've practised them so many times. I use the train journey to work. Its the perfect length for a 20 minute talk. I know the sentences to skip and dance through and the words to slow down and emphasise as I take my audience through a journey. I also like to play and even dropped the "C-bomb" into this talk. Don't panic, family show and all, the word was change, but it did get the audience!

Talk over, I could then relax and enjoy the rest of the day and other superb talks, the Demo Jam and amazing keynote speaker, Belinda Parmar. Finishing off with a well deserved sherbet or some. Well done to the London's Calling team. This event is super tight. 


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