10 September 2017 - This is why I drink

This is my birthday weekend. My actual birthday was on Friday and I was due to be spending the day in Birmingham delivering refresher training on CPQ but it got canceled at the last minute. My diary was suddenly empty. I booked the day off. 

I had great plans, a spot of chilling, some shopping, some geeking on Trailhead - I'm up to 89 badges and am still on track to hit 100 in time for Dreamforce, before cracking open the fizz ahead of dinner out in the evening. 

That back-fired. A production issue grew louder and louder and I had to intercept and get on a conference call. Sadly its no way resolved but at least we have identified the problem. We'll be picking this up on Monday.

Most of the time I work alongside really great suppliers. They are true partners and together we collaborate well. There's just one supplier that lets the side down and they are pretty consistent at these efforts. Its draining. I'd love to move away from them but I can't. I'm stuck. So when they do something that affects half my user base and potentially thousands of customers, it stinks. 

Over the past few weeks I have gone live with 2 large projects, 1 smaller project, doubled the user base in my Salesforce Org and supported a major flood recovery. In addition, I have less staff working on my Org now than when I had 20 Users. We are miracle workers.

I'm going through post go-live hell with 300 Users, across 3 different businesses seeing new functionality and experiencing some bumpy elements of this and process that isn't quite working perfectly. Its noisy and its not over yet. 

And you wonder why I drink?

Its been the events over the last few weeks that has spurred me onto writing this blog. I've been thinking about it for a while now. I've been wondering if this happens to just me or whether we are all experiencing this level of crazy. 

So, I thought I'd share with you some aspects of my life to see if it resonates with any of you. Lets see. I've spent the day going back through the year to give some content. I now plan to keep this going and add something new every few weeks or so. Let me know your thoughts. 


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