17 May 2017 - World Tour week

Salesforce London World Tour week. OK, so officially its one day but there are so many events surrounding the actual day that it might as well be a week. Anyway, if you've also planned correctly then you would have booked Friday off to recover too. 

I do get ridiculously excited about this week. There is a real buzz in the air. 

The first event for me was on the Tuesday evening as a guest of the Brightgen Media dinner. They had also asked me to speak about the CPQ project that we are in the process of implementing for Tes Global.  

The CPQ project is a defining one for Tes Global. It will act as a trigger point to move the business forward away from legacy systems. Its imperative to get this first stage right. As a company its about knowing our product portfolio and making a decision on what we go forward with. Then its the process, defining and sticking to a plan so it can be implemented and delivered. That's the tricky bit as the business can't quite get that bit nailed. Too many moving parts. I was happy to share our learnings with the audience and prospects considering a move into CPQ themselves. 

A few hours quality sleep, a day in the office and then off to the next event on the Wednesday evening, our LAUG meet up, hosted at Salesforce Tower. 

As a girl who likes her cake it seemed only fit to have one for the occasion. In fact, we got two! Fortunately we had a stellar turnout and the cakes were demolished. 

We were joined by distinguished guests from the Salesforce Ohana, none the less than Mike Gerholdt and LeeAnne Rimel who presented Lightning in a box and a challenge for someone to use the content to do a future talk. Challenge accepted. 

We had an evening of what being part of the Salesforce Ohana meant to us, a great talk from Louis on his journey and I also shared what this User Group means to me. So, here's my two pennies. A few years ago I was stuck, not in a good place and seriously wondered what my next move would be. The Admin group had just started and I decided to go along. I had attended Dev meet ups but their format just didn't quite gel with me. Their content flew over my head, it was 95% male and not super sociable. Admins were different. It was a true mix of people and they were chatting with each other. The atmosphere was welcoming and they talked about stuff that I would deal with on a day to day basis. I went back every month. I contributed. I made friends. And during this time those people helped me to get back up to where I am now. My therapists and I am truly thankful. So, when last year the boys asked me to join them as one of the leaders I of course said yes. I wanted to give back and I love it. 

In other news my Trailhead addiction continues and I've made it to Expeditioner Rank in time for the World Tour. 


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