23 July 2017 - Working miracles

OK, so July has been a slow month in the big scheme of things. Its holiday time and I have taken some time out to get away in the car and do a tour of the Loire and Cognac regions. We've been enjoying Chateaux and the lifestyle that is associated with them. I'm sure I should now embrace a bit of drying out time for my body's sake. 

Work wise, the 2 very large projects that directly affect my Org are tickling away. We've had some bumps, but then that's the same with every project - theory of cake remember? For the business, having these 2 projects live in time for September, our new financial year, will be critical for us. No pressure then. 

So, why is it that while the business really wants us to concentrate on these really big pieces do they also throw in 2 smaller projects at the same time that are also considered strategically valuable and in addition, expect BAU items covered off too? We are, of course, miracle workers, or so it feels. It is exhausting and not sustainable and people higher up the chain need to recognise that. The fairy dust will run out and the unicorn is knackered.

In other news, the Trailhead addiction continues, its OK, I can handle it. Rainy weekends are proving very handy to slip another few badges onto the mantlepiece. I'm now up to 80. Woohoo! My goal is to be Ranger status for Dreamforce.


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