28 April 2017 - Lights, camera, action!

It was a late Easter this year and I spent the break in the depths of Wales, holed up in a converted barn overloading on good food, wine and possibly a touch of chocolate. 

It was also a good time to do some writing. You see, there's been a couple more things that have come out from London's Calling this year for me and not just about cake.

One item was a certain @radnip asking if I would consider building a training course all about project delivery. In the world of Salesforce we are getting to grips on what to build for a client, but its the how and in what way of a delivery that people want to know more on. How could I say no? What a great opportunity and so I've been spending my weekends compiling material. The Easter Sunday proved a good day to continue bashing this together. It will be exciting to see what the final result might be. 

So, while I was possibly enjoying a glass or some of wine at the after show party at London's Calling one of my suppliers, Provar, asked if I could do a client testimonial. Yes, of course, happy to. How about a video? Ooh, interesting. Its this man's fault. 

On a Wednesday morning a film crew and the Provar team turned up at the Tes Global offices and we got to work. 

It started with me and a team member looking very intently at a computer screen while working through some automative test scenarios. We did our best "Grattan Catalogue" (limited crowd joke) poses for the camera as they panned around us to get different angled shots. 

I was then asked to do some action shots as I walked up and down the office floor with a cameraman in hot pursuit. I did get some funny looks and tried desperately not to laugh. Just another day in the office. We then moved out to the corridor where I was filmed walking through an open door. (the girl has talents).

Then downstairs to reception for intense working at computer while sitting on a chair shots while we waited for the boardroom to free up. 

And then the hard work began. I had been sent some questions to prepare in advance and now we filmed me working through them to build up a dialogue for the video. I'm reasonably good at talking. I can be spontaneous and also very controlled when it comes to a conference talk. An interview scenario, where you are trying to remember the key words to get across while making it look natural is challenging. 40 minutes of filming and we finally got the content everyone was looking for. It will be cut down into a final edit of a couple of minutes. I'm looking forward to seeing the results, and shall try not to laugh too much at my acting skills. 


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