28 July 2017 - Lightning challenge

Remember when LeeAnne Rimel challenged us to create a talk from the Lightning in a Box content? Well the challenge was truly accepted and Tom and Mike delivered a cracker to us at tonights LAUG meet up. 

It was a true Lightning night too. I produced a quiz all about Lightning and gave away swag to the winners of each round and the overall winner. Actually it was a swagtastic night for everyone. We had loads to give away and who here doesn't love an item of swag. We also had a large turnout of first timers tonight so to give them a warm welcome and something to take home is good feeling too.

At the after show party at the local establishment it deemed only right to sport our new equality bracelets. With all the craziness going on in the world right now I want to associate with good, fairness and support for each other. The alternative is not comprehensible. 


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