31 August 2017 - Workshops with Hippos

I've been spending the past couple of weeks sitting in numerous workshops. They have conjured up a mixture of hilarity, smugness and utter torture, as well as information. One set of workshops have derived from a particular department demanding functionality. We continue to live, unfortunately, in a world of Hippos (highest paid person's opinion) and if they shout then we must jump. 

And so here comes the mixture of feelings from these meetings. What's evident to me is the person(s) demanding actually have no real concept of what happens now in their department so when you are trying to capture processes that you can build into functionality it turns into a farce. 

Its that moment that falls across their faces when they start to realise they have no idea of how their department works and how they actually need to do their homework. When it comes to translating this into a statement of work there will have to be a huge element of contingency to cover the "whatever the client is going to make up as they've not thought about it yet" factor. 

The other type of workshop takes a different angle. While they are organised and are desperate to proceed I feel that one solution on offer could be out weighed if they had a little more patience and adopted the functionality that is currently being built. I have a fear that they won't and we will be pushed into this development. Sad times.

It was during one of these workshops that I had to dash off and install myself at the local A&E for the afternoon. I did manage to complete a Trailhead badge during my waiting time so I suppose that was something. Doctor seen, prescription given and drugs collected, I went home. I was banished from the office to allow the drugs to take effect. 

The next evening was the August LAUG meet up and I was told not to leave the home and rest. It was a real strange feeling not to be part of the night and I really missed everyone. It was lovely to receive a card with well wishes from the gang. 

With the drugs working well I was able to continue with plans to go camping over the bank holiday weekend and took some essentials for the trip. 

An Awesome Admins hoodie and Trailhead branded lantern did just the job. Got to love swag! You'll be relieved to know that I was able to drink (responsibly) while on the drugs so the camping trip was done in style. 


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