8 March 2017 - Give the girl a mic

Happy 18th Birthday Salesforce. You're all grown up. I celebrated this achievement with you in Amsterdam ahead of the World Tour where I volunteered to help on the booths. 

It all felt very jet set. Dashing from the office, straight onto a plane to the Dam. Arriving and transferring to a Bar to meet other volunteers, speakers, User Group Leaders and MVP's. Up early the next morning to be on site for 07:30 ready to "woman" my booth and answer any questions the Salesforce public had for me. I have super respect for the Salesforce staff who do this on a regular basis (your energy is endless). 

Best part of the day was helping out with the Quiz in the Admin theatre with John Stevenson. Give the girl a microphone and away she goes! So much swag was given away, but only if you had the correct answer.  

The funniest part was right at the end when we gave away a giant Astro. I'm hoping the winner didn't have a flight to catch back home again. 
Having been on my feet all day it felt only right to finish the evening at the newly crowned Salesforce's first Platinum partner's party. And relax. 


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