9 September 2018 - Happy 1st Blogiversary!

This time last year I sat down at my kitchen table and started to write. For too long there had been way too much jumbling around in my head. I needed a more productive outlet for my thoughts.

I wasn't being heard at work. In fact, work was becoming more constrictive on the impact I could make on the business and it it was becoming less of a positive place for me to be in. I was frustrated and the Salesforce Org was no longer an environment that I enjoyed enhancing. There were Apps clashing with each other, stakeholders fighting over my team's time and leadership not listening to our requests to fix, improve and grow.

So one Sunday afternoon, I decided to reflect back over most of the year and put some things into words. I started from January 2017 and made a pact to write twice a month. Sometimes the dates would be neatly separated, other times completely on the bounce if I'd been on a roll with a particular subject. Occasionally I would only write once in a month, but them making up for it by entering 3 blogs the following one. On that first day I wrote 19 posts to get things started. I obviously had way to much in my head.  

I originally thought that my blogs would be very Salesforce orientated. I publish on Google, Twitter and onto the Community and these are predominately my industry outlets but over time by posts have blurred towards a more thought leadership leaning.

Some of the subjects I have covered have included the Salesforce orientated ones such as what we've been doing at the Community Groups, or my experiences of World Tours and Dreamforce, how I have contributed, what I spoken about, what I learnt from them.

Others have been where I've attended other seminars and conferences, not necessarily industry connected but have given me subject areas that I've wanted to share with others, and in particular, you dear reader. One blog was about an art installation I visited while on holiday.

There have also been posts where I've talked about my work, and some of these were around the day when I first started writing. You could see I wasn't happy with my job and sharing this was really helpful. Thanks for reading and being there with me. It helped.

I can see from the stats that some blogs were more popular than others. That happens. Some that are Salesforce related can be picked up by the Community and shared wider. Then the stats climb. Here's the top 5 of the blog titles from the year:

  • London's Calling 3
  • SpaForce
  • Review of 2017
  • I F**king Rock!
  • Salesforce World Tour

So happy blogiversary to Diary of a Saasy Girl. Its good to celebrate the small achievements. Don't worry dear reader, I shall be continuing. I already have plans for the next couple of posts and inspiration can come calling at any moment to fill my head of more whitterings to share in the future. Who knows what subjects I shall cover. Isn't that the intriguing thing about it all? Stick around, lets see what happens.


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