29 January 2019 - New Year - New LAUG!

Start of 2019 and we kicked off with the first London Admins Community Group for 2019.

Having recently celebrated our 4th birthday we decided to make a few tweaks to our familiar format. 
We’ve decided to concentrate on 2 main talks for each evening and we’ve introduced a new feature, Interview an Admin. 
Many of the regulars know each other, and are social together. It’s a great family we have nurtured. But we’ve noticed, having moved to our new meeting platform that we’ve gained a wider audience and we are seeing more new faces join us each month. 
So, Interview an Admin is an opportunity to give one of our members a chance to share their journey with Salesforce and their top tips. You never know, it might just inspire someone else. 

For our January meeting we actually bent our new formula for a special evening with the Ladies Be Architects. 

The LBA was founded by Gemma Emmett in November 2017 when she realised that studying for architecture exams was a hard and lonely place. 

Coming from a traditional Admin background, she wants to prove that reaching Certified Technical Architect is possible and to make a change to the current statistic that only 5% are female. 

There weren’t easy to hand materials to help with the approach and only a select few people to reach out to for assistance. Gemma decided to change that. She produced study guides for each exam she took, sharing them online for others to find. The LBA was formed. 

Fast forward a year later and Gemma has recruited Charly Prinsloo and Susannah St. Germain as Co-leaders sharing the LBA format in the USA. I am also very pleased to announce that I too have joined the Ladies to help with organisation and advisory elements. 

Together they arrange regular study groups for their, over 1000 members, celebrate monthly champions, promote the LBA at conferences and deliver Solution Design workshops, to give aspiring Architects a flavour of the exam board scenario. 

They have now packaged up this workshop for Community Groups to deliver themselves. We decided to give it a whirl and presented the solution workshop to the London Admin crowd.

Let me be clear here, the workshop aims to give a flavour of what an individual may expect for a CTA board review but we break down the elements for separate teams to digest and work on.

Tasks such as data model, licensing, reporting, integration, etc are broken up for teams to ponder over how they would respond to help the company in the scenario. Some, even find out that they have to work along side other teams to understand the dependencies, because, that's what happens in real life. 

Its a fast paced challenge and the time ticks down (or up, depending on how you set your stopwatch) pretty quickly. In no time at all, its over.

Presentation time. Each group nominates a speaker to present back their findings from their section of the scenario and face the questions from the board. They have a set time to deliver their information and defend their solution choices. Remember, there can be more than one way to deliver a solution. It all depends on what you feel is right for the customer and whether it can stand up to scrutiny.

Feedback from the night was extremely positive. Everyone got stuck into the challenge. It made a refreshing change from listening to speakers. Our members had a chance to collaborate with others and think about areas they may not be so familiar with. For some, they felt stretched. For everyone, it gave them a view into the world of an Architect and maybe inspired some to keep learning and go for that goal of CTA in the future. And of course, they loved the food on the night, a curry on a cold, winter's eve. 

If you want to see some more then take a sneak peak at the video we shot of the night, or visit the Ladies Be Architects website: https://archladies.com/
If you want to know more about London, UK Administrators Community Group, then head here: London Admins and find us on Twitter: @CloudLAUG


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