20 July 2019 - Thinking of a job change?

At the June Salesforce Community London Admins group we held a recruitment special. For anyone who is looking to change jobs it can be a stressful enterprise. 

There could be a number of reasons why you are looking for the change:
Just graduated 
Been made redundant 
Not happy in your current role
Ready for the next challenge 

Each reason can come with baggage and this can have the ability to weigh you down if you don’t recognise it and mitigate it. Before you start your search take a moment to identify your motivations for your move and what you are looking for in your next work home. 

Some things you might look for in a new role:
A different job title
More responsibility 
Meatier projects
A different industry 
Better pay and benefits
A nicer boss
A shorter commute
More flexible work life balance
Or just the same shit but in a different company. 

Once you’ve got that sorted in your head then you can start to promote yourself. This generally means putting your CV together. Ah, the humble CV, a few pages of your work life edited into an Ariel font size 12 points. (Other fonts are available, give Comic Sans a go if you’re planning to join the Circus). 

But seriously, you have these pages to show a potential recruiter your suitability to the role. Use your words to show the types of roles you have done and more importantly, the achievements. If you have statistics against anything you have delivered, then this can be valuable. For example, if you delivered functionality that improved a team’s performance by X then you are offering the recruiter something tangible, and possibly a reason to pick you over another candidate. 

Recruiters can be your friend. They can help steer you towards a role that you may never had visibility on or identify some deep hidden qualities in yourself that could help you get that next opportunity. They can also help whip your CV into better shape. Having read many CV’s by the time you sip your first morning caffeine shot it’s worth listening to their feedback on any suggestions for tweaks so you can be put forward for that all important role. 

Conversations with recruiters are super valuable too. They can give you a true appraisal of the market, your potential worth and what types of roles are out there. They can help guide you towards a career direction, whether that be job type or client type. 

In the Salesforce world we are very lucky that these options are still available to us. Its a vibrant market and at times candidate lead. So if you have the right skillset and attitude you can easily nab your next career opportunity. 

But what if the recruitment market is something that is new to you or if you’re not so comfortable with the process? You may have thought about your motivation to make the job move and updated your CV. But ask yourself, are you interview ready? 

That’s something I’ll talk about another time. 

With thanks to Computer Futures for the inspiration for this blog from their talk; How Do YOU Stand Out? You can watch a version of their presentation from 2019 London's Calling: How do YOU stand out


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