18 May 2017 - Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce London World Tour day! Its a day to be up and at 'em and headed over to Excel for a jam pack day of activities and then the after parties.

First stop the keynote to hear all the big news on product developments and customer testimonials. Its a logistical feat to get the thousands of delegates into the one large room but the atmosphere is worth it. Especially as during the talks there are people you know and love that are mentioned, like our Louise Lockie - newest MVP and Julia Doctoroff, the winner of this year's Golden Hoodie. Julia also got a trophy so its not all bad. 

And then onto the rest of the day to listen to talks and visit partners and suppliers to get ideas on how to continuously develop my Org. I popped over to Brightgen's zone and helped out with a CPQ demo and even met some other attendees from Tuesday dinner. A quick bite to eat and a sip of splosh and back out to the main hall. 

The great thing about the World Tour is the constant bumping into everyone you know. As the main event of the year its the draw for all to attend and so its a day to catch up and network. Its such a great community for that. 

But there was work to do too. I had volunteered to help out on the welcome booth so I donned my T-Shirt and reported for duty. 

The local wildlife seemed pretty tame and so a little cuddle wasn't out of the question. It kept the the crowd entertained too as they waited in line for their turn in the Trailhead zone. 

Duty over and the day starts to wind down with the wine being handed out and the promise of after parties. First stop to the Admin Theatre to watch Mike and LeeAnne hand out swag for the Admin quiz and then to the Brightgen zone for their drinks party. It was good to catch up with the team in relaxed circumstances. Finishing the night at Cafe de Paris, as you do. Did I mention I had booked Friday off? 


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