21 June 2017 - Feeling hot

Dreamforce 2017 is starting to bubble away and I have taken the decision that I shall be going again this year. I am self funding as my company is being too dithery to make their decision on whether this is a strategic thing. I'm not going to enter into the argument. I'm going. Fortunately I can afford it and having already reserved my hotel and bought my flights I have taken advantage of good prices. I won't stand around for procrastination and lose the benefit. It also means that if a better opportunity comes my way there is nothing holding me back. I'm taking care of my career. Its important to me. 

In other news we held the hottest LAUG this month. It wasn't just that the content was sizzling hot, of course, it was. We talked about the looming GDPR laws and how this will affect all of us - a hot topic if I ever did see. But, in addition, we held it in a venue with no aircon on the hottest day of the year. We decided to change the format this month and rattle through the talks in order to seek respite outside a local establishment for after party chats and more cooling beer. You'll be pleased to know said venue then got aircon installed the next day. Talk about timing!


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