26 October 2017 - Preparing for Dreamforce

I made a decision, many months ago and quite possibly while I was at last year’s Dreamforce, that I would be coming back again this year. 

I booked my flights and arranged my hotel very early on, irrespective of my employers input. You see, I’m in a fortunate position that I can afford to pay my own way and I’m not dependent in the goodwill of my company. 

Handy really, considering as my actual boss has the opinion that Salesforce is a cult and doesn’t see value in the event. My execs understand that Salesforce can be important to the business but they haven’t quite fully grasped why and are still blinkered by its price tag. 

Having worked within the world of Salesforce for the past 10 years, I see a different side. I have seen companies take on Salesforce in its basic form to manage pipeline and see their revenues change. I’ve worked with one to extend their usage to improve customer service and go on to win awards. I’ve worked with others to optimise their operational procedures and reap the efficiencies. 

A system like Salesforce works. When you implement it right it can make a spectacular difference. But implementation is the key and the biggest difference on success is the human effect. 

Change comes from the top and downwards. If the ones at the top do not support you or believe in what can be done, should be done then it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll be forever feeling like you’re walking in sludge. 

The mindset is the hardest thing to change but the most effective. It’s shameful that even today, with so many lessons learnt, that you need things to break before someone is willing to admit that it can be done differently. Taking an alternative approach, while it might be considered slightly slower will actually bring a bigger, thorough and more impactful change. Sometimes you have to take a larger first leap into the new and then make smaller incremental updates afterwards. 

Anyway, back to Dreamforce. I’m working on my agenda and picking out key subjects that I want to follow up on. This year I’ll be focusing on me and my personal development. I shall be kicking off with the Women’s Network on Sunday night, the Women Innovators Network on Tuesday and will be right in that queue to watch a certain former First Lady, Michelle Obama, speak on Wednesday morning. 

Dreamforce for me is about inspiration. It’s about learning the possible. This doesn’t just come from the ever increasing capabilities of its products but the holistic nature of Salesforce. You could say it’s aura. 

When you work in a business which is essentially broken (although has now taken the first step to recognise this) you have to seek external influences to find the positive, the better, the possible and bring those learnings back with you. Salesforce is all of that and a whole load more. 

In other news, I reached my other pre-Dreamforce goal of getting to 100 badges and officially Ranger status on Trailhead. 

Bring on Dreamforce, I’m ready!


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