31 May 2018 - Salesforce London World Tour Week - preparing for the big day

It’s now 2 weeks since London World Tour and I’m about recovered enough to tell you about it. My voice has returned and I no longer sound like I’ve been nursing a 40 day smoking habit. You see, it’s no longer just about a day. For some of us, it’s a week’s marathon event. 

The fun started on Monday evening as we kicked off with the London Admins, hosted at the mothership. We were graced with some special guests who had flown in for World Tour and who were happy to do a turn for us, telling us about Summer 18 highlights or smart neat tricks. So thanks to Eric Thum, Jacinta Burke, the awesome Admin evangelists Gillian Bruce and Marc Baizman and not forgetting Astro’s Mum, Dominique!

If that wasn’t enough then we also managed a big swag giveaway including new Summer 18 Codey socks that flew through the crowd until they were caught by their delighted new owners. Socks really are the swag must have!

We also attempted our own gratitude tree. It’s something that was done at TDX this year and I thought it would be nice to take a moment and give thanks for our Salesforce world. 

Oh, and did I mention cake? I think I’m starting a new tradition of World Tour Cake. We had one last year and it felt appropriate to do it again. Why not, it’s a week of celebration. It certainly didn’t hang around very long. 

Naturally we finished the night with the obligatory after show pub. Day one completed by 01.00. 

With the slight inconvenience of going to work the next morning, World Tour evening 2 kicked off on Tuesday night with the Developer Meetup, again at the Tower. 

The Developer crowd is different, no arguing there. It’s predominantly a male audience and I had to hunt out female attendees, most of whom were other User Group Leaders or Salesforce staff members. There’s work to do here. 

The Developer team also made good use of the mothership in town and had the pleasure of the Lightning Product Team giving their roadmap highlights. With more functionality moving to click configuration the traditional role of a Developer is changing. 

Another night ending up at the pub for after show drinks while plotting what social events can be added to Dreamforce early bird arrivals and for Yeur Dreamin’ attendees. Vineyard tours and boat trips anyone? Day 2 in bed for 00:30. Going well don’t you think?

Day 3 and Wednesday evening brought special drinks for World Tour speakers for both the Admin and Developer Theatres. It was great to hang out with other speakers for the event, many whom had traveled far just for the opportunity to talk. Serious Ohana commitment here. These faces, a collection of User Group Leaders, MVPs, and dedicated community members are the ones you see again at other Salesforce events. This is how Ohana grows. This is how your Salesforce family becomes international and we are all connected. Technology helps with this. 

Day 3 completed with an ‘early’ finish of 23.30. I needed to restock my energy levels ready for the big day. Salesforce World Tour London!


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