25 May 2019 - Salesforce World Tour Week

It's May which means at some point in the month the Salesforce machine spins into overdrive for World Tour hitting London town. What’s special about the London market place is that World Tour here is the largest that Salesforce puts on and is only out done by the San Francisco events that help to generate the content, namely Dreamforce and to some extent, TrailheaDX. What I love about London is that it joins in with World Tour and a one day conference has turned into a week’s activities in the community. I like to consider this week as my mental and physical preparation for Dreamforce. Let me tell you about 2019.

In the UK the week tends to start on a Monday and this year there were no Salesforce events. This could have been influenced by a certain final episode of Game of Thrones that was available to be watched and so many of the UK community diligently did, and the Salesforce world patiently waited to learn the fate of all in Westeros.

Tuesday, and with GOT now completed everyone could return to the fun of the blue cloud. And what better way to kick everything off than an evening with the London Admins. As a group we celebrate World Tour each year and we are lucky enough to be joined by members of Salesforce. This year was no different and we were graced by members of the Evangelist team, Mike Gerholdt, LeeAnne Rimel and Rachel Mincarelli.

Gillian wasn’t able to make it this time but we showed that she was missed with a gift for Baby Bruce. A future London Admin in the making.

Content was provided by the Evangelist team and Mike kicked things off with a talk on how to give a great presentation, with LeeAnne in hot pursuit on how to give a Rockstar demo. The venue, courtesy of our hosts 4C, was packed to the rafters with members all wanting another evening of learning, networking, entertainment and fun. We aim to please!

Did I mention cake? Well here at London Admins we have a tradition for each World Tour that we celebrate with a cake. And when you have a lot of people turning up to our events, well you’re going to need a big cake. While the Evangelist team gave their stellar presentations, the cake cutting team extraordinaire of Claire and myself got into gear and cut up this sugar beauty.

With everyone on a sugar high we carried on with the show. Next up our popular feature of Interview an Admin. This is where the previous month’s Admin interviewee interviews the next one. This month we had Will Turner interview Paul Foley. We learnt about his incredible journey to Admin, from being unemployed in Ireland to taking a punt and coming over to London to seek his fortune. Paul took a chance on a 6 week contract which converted to a 1 year Fixed Term contract and then onwards to a permanent position as a Salesforce Admin with a consultancy. His personal resilience and faith in the blue cloud has transformed into a career path and so much potential. What a great story and we are so grateful for Paul to share it. In addition, Rachel from the Evangelist team set up a camera and live streamed the interview so I’m hoping that Paul’s story will be a source of inspiration for many more people.

Our co-leader Matt took the floor to give an update many of us had been waiting for. Matt and Gemma are each other’s study buddies, both on their journey to CTA. They took the dreaded Board exam in close succession only to find out that they hadn’t passed it this time. We are grateful to both Gemma and Matt for sharing their story. It’s a genuinely very tough exam. You have to know your stuff and be prepared on the day. This is just a minor set back and they will achieve their goal some day and we will be there to celebrate when they do.

Such a content rich evening and the inspiration didn’t stop there. We then had our last speakers of the evening Kerry and Martin speaking about their Mentor/Mentee experience. Over a year ago I paired them up together to share knowledge and help in their career growth. Its heart-warming to see when a pairing works as both parties gain from the experience. Martin, as the mentee, had a contact who he could ask advice from, while Kerry received affirmation that her 12 years in the Salesforce world had generated a wealth of knowledge worth sharing.

With a Mentor/Mentee selection its up to the pair to decide how and the frequency of contact. For Kerry and Martin they found that email was the most convenient solution and this enabled the relationship to stay the course and benefit both parties.

We have kicked off another Mentor/Mentee programme with the addition of coaching this time too. If you are interested in getting involved then please complete this form:
We have already had a great response but we will keep the registration open for a few more weeks. This programme is open to anyone in the ecosystem. Technology is our friend and can provide many ways to connect and build relationships.

With a content busting evening and of course, an after-show party at the local pub, we eventually brought Tuesday to a close. And then came Wednesday. A more sophisticated evening lay in wait thanks to very gracious hosts the Galaticos team who organised a very chi-chi drinks event on a roof top bar with free-flowing pink champagne. My kind of party. Joined by some usual suspects and other wonderful community pals we watched the sun go down while being entertained by a magician and a vertically challenged man with his basket balls.

Two evenings of community events done. That was the pre-work completed. Now onto the main event – London World Tour!


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